Meet Pete

Meet Pete Foldes, the heart and soul behind Plouton Life. His unique journey, rooted in family values and the search for a meaningful life, has shaped a visionary approach to legacy planning.

Pete Foldes's grandfather in military taking a group photo.

A Legacy Shaped by Family & Values

Raised amidst the rich narratives of his immigrant grandparents and the hard-working ethos of his father, Pete’s formative years were not just about absorbing lessons; they were about understanding life’s deeper meanings. His role as a caretaker for his grandmother at 16 was a profound turning point, teaching him about empathy, care, and the real essence of making a difference.

These familial experiences instilled in him a deep sense of responsibility to make a positive impact and live a life of significance.

Driven by a philosophy to live each day fully, Pete embarked on a journey ‘In search of delicious’ — a pursuit of joy, laughter, and love, free from regrets. This pursuit wasn’t just a personal mantra; it became the foundation of his professional ethos.

Founding Plouton Life

Pete Foldes with his daughter laughing together.

As a family-focused individual Pete was able to prioritize his children when they were babies and dedicating time to raise them.

Pete was inspired by influential readings on finance and money mindset. With a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s work in Education and Teaching he turned to Financial Education with a desire to fill gaps in other’s financial literacy.  With the launch of Plouton Life he was able to transform this passion into his mission.

At Plouton Life, Pete’s vision goes beyond traditional financial advising. It’s about crafting personalized legacies that resonate through generations, driven by the belief that our lives continue to echo even after we’re gone, through the impact we leave behind. 

Pete understands the importance of family and is driven to educate others to help strengthen their own families.

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