Legacy Design

Plouton Life offers a range of specialized services designed to help you execute a comprehensive legacy plan aligned with your personal goals.

Certified Financial Fiduciary

Our fiduciaries are committed to your best interests, ensuring ethical and expert guidance in every financial decision.


Expert tax strategists to navigate the complexities of tax planning, maximizing your financial efficiency and legacy potential.

Will & Trust Creation

Skilled administration of wills and trusts, ensuring your assets are managed and distributed according to your wishes.

Plouton Legacy Designers

Our legacy coaches guide you in defining and achieving your personal and financial goals, ensuring a legacy that truly reflects your life.

Community Outreach

Focused on creating positive societal impacts, our community outreach integrates philanthropy into your legacy planning.

Design With the End in Mind

We were once given wise advice…

Take a moment to envision what you want the end of your life to look like and then design backwards until you come to present time, your new beginning.

For health, do you want to be mobile and active? Are you out hiking or home chasing grandchildren?
What plans can you make today to ensure that reality for your future?

Our goal is to help you find your edge, or your “alpha” in life, mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially.

Meeting you where you are and taking you where you want to go is a process we feel privileged to be a part of. Helping our clients transform and become Ploutons, or givers of wealth, is what we were created for.

Supported by our team of experts and network of partnerships we are committed to leading you to your Omega.

With the end in mind, we create the foundations and structures that have withstood the test of time and provide predictable and
guaranteed outcomes.

Alpha and Omega

Discovering the cheat codes in life historically preserved for the 1% of the 1% has empowered our founder, our experts and the specialists that will lead you. What we know we can’t ignore, we feel obligated to share and lead those that truly want to escape the purgatory perpetuated in society and lead you on the path of living your best life.

For Ploutons wealth is your knowledge, your health, your abundance, and most importantly your love. Being a “giver” doesn’t mean being
reckless or flippant in sharing your value, but rather understanding how value is created and adding value where you can when you can.
Instilling, teaching, and leading others with value creation becomes a way of life.

Life is a constant cycle each Omega flowing into a new Alpha, both within one’s lifetime and from generations to generation. The concept of alpha omega is fluidity.

Plouton’s Process: Leading with Legacy

From initial vision setting to the final commitment, our team is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way, ensuring your legacy not only endures but also flourishes with time.


Our initial consultations are tailored to understand your unique vision for your family, business, and legacy.


We explore the realm of possibilities with you, clarifying and prioritizing what matters most in your legacy journey.


Our process aligns your goals, values, and actions, ensuring your legacy plan is a true reflection of your aspirations.


Once aligned, we commit to supporting you every step of the way, proactively navigating future changes and opportunities.

Download Your Free Legacy Planning Guide

Unlock the secrets of effective legacy planning with our complimentary guide. Discover insightful strategies to bridge the gaps in your legacy planning, ensuring a future that truly reflects your values and aspirations.

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